KPI Design Masterclass

Turn your strategy into meaningful, effective KPI's


1 dag
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6 november 2020 - Hoofddorp
09:30 - 17:30
€ 645,00 (leden) / € 895,00 (niet-leden)
Performance Management
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Accountants in business, Overige financieel professionals, Controllers
Finance in business
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6 november 2020 - Hoofddorp

The course is presented in English. Are you a native English speaker and not sure how to subscribe? Please contact us at: and we will assist you. Full-colour notes and a copy of 'KPI Checklists' book (including 50 checklists) will be provided for each delegate. During this workshop software will not be used. Software application will be discussed, but we will not be working with any software during the workshop. It will be entirely hands-on. RC's are eligible for the member price.

There are plenty of dry academic theory books on KPI's and measures, but few properly structured methods that help you start at the beginning and support you all the way through to effective KPI's that enable your organisation to deliver on its strategic goals.

Choosing a small selection of meaningful KPI's that everyone agrees with can be difficult, time-consuming and very emotive. This masterclass teaches you 'ROKS method', developed by your facilitator Bernie Smith to enable a structured, visual and repeatable method for identifying a suite of KPIs that link to your organisation's strategic objectives.


This workshop is designed to help you develop a set of meaningful performance measures for any organisation. In the session, we pay particular attention to developing the core KPI Tree building skills as these are key to success and are best learned using practical examples and hands-on coaching.

By the end of the day, you will have the core skills to successfully apply the structured, repeatable and hands-on method for choosing a sensible number of really effective KPIs to support your organisational goals.


  • Introduction to the ROKS approach, and where KPI Trees fit
  • Getting your strategy ready for KPI selection
  • KPI Tree basics
    o Pitfalls and how to use the '4Cs' to break your objectives down
    o Link types - which to use and how they can prevent a business catastrophe
    o Getting the KPI Tree levels right (with card game) - so you don't go in circles
  • Multiple interactive examples, building up gradually in complexity
  • The practical tools and techniques for building your own KPI Trees - software and techniques
  • The opportunity to make a start on your own KPI Tree, with input from Bernie Smith
  • Ten sample KPI Trees for reference and re-use (exclusive to this workshop)
  • How to 'Shortlist' KPIs generated using KPI Trees
  • How to build bullet-proof definitions for your final KPI selection
  • Setting up and running KPI Tree workshops in your organisation - practical guide and checklists

Bestemd voor

Controllers, accountants, business analysts, finance managers and anybody else interested or involved in developing key performance indicators for their organisations.

Bernie Smith M.Eng.

Bernie is Founder of 'Made to Measure KPIs', creator of the Results-Orientated KPI System, speaker, trainer and author of nineteen books on KPIs. Bernie has a background of over 25 years delivering performance improvement consulting and training. He has worked with brands including Coca Cola, Airbus, HSBC, UBS and many others. Through his varied consulting career, Bernie saw that all organisations seemed to struggle with the same critical core issue - performance measurement. Convinced that accessible KPIs can be reliably created using a structured and repeatable approach, Bernie set up Made to Measures KPIs in 2009 to develop better ways of creating KPIs. BernieÉs approach is jargon-free and focuses on practical techniques that really work. Visit for more background.

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