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9, 10 november 2020 - Online
13:30 - 16:30, 13:30 - 16:30
€ 400,00 (leden) / € 450,00 (niet-leden)
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Accountants in business, Overige financieel professionals, Controllers
Finance in business
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9, 10 november 2020 - Online

The webinar is presented in English

This one day webinar, spread over two afternoons, provides over 400 useful and unusual tips for accountants in financial leadership. The tips are illustrated through concrete examples derived from practical experience. As an accountant, you must deal with all kinds of different issues and situations. You have your experience and what you learned from colleagues and mentors, but this course will provide you with many more veteran tips, including many unconventional ones. You won't find these tips in courses or text books, but you'll be able to use many of them. Value will also be derived from the sharing of experiences and practices by the participants. It provides specific opportunities for bench-marking with your peers.

Over 8.000 accountants have attended this seminar internationally. The seminar was created and is presented by an experienced CFO, with extensive real-life insight.


This course will help participants in the following areas:

  • Cash flow crisis: what to do when it happens
  • Get great tips on key indicator reporting
  • Learn extra creative thinking for accountants
  • Pick up fast close tips
  • Develop more useful financial reporting
  • Obtain useful and unusual leadership tips
  • Get the most out of your bank
  • Learn to work more effectively with lawyers and auditors
  • Identify critical steps when changing jobs
  • Acquire useful and unusual technology tips
  • Learn ethical approaches to challenging situations
  • Inhoud

    Some session comments:

  • It is appealing in that it's based on actual CFO experience
  • It is not easy to keep one's attention for a long webinar Í but you did it
  • Totally practical and Stephen made the course interesting
  • Wide ranging, goes into non-financial areas I didn't expect it to go into that were very useful
  • Several 'light bulb' moments (both new and reminders)
  • Excellent use of examples to illustrate content/drive relevant points
  • I liked the sharing of knowledge of unconventional tips, and practical ones as well
  • It by far exceeded my expectations and provided a great deal of very useful information that I think will benefit me throughout my career
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    The course is aimed at accountants in leadership positions, such as controllers, CFO's and directors of finance, as well as those in public practice or consulting (especially those who advice businesses), as well as government- and not-for-profit accountants. It is also helpful for financial analysts and accountants moving toward senior leadership roles.

    Stephen Priddle CPA CA CMA

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