Finance Transformation masterclass

Transform your finance function


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23 november 2021 - Amsterdam
12:00 - 20:30
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€ 650,00 (leden) / € 725,00 (niet-leden)
Performance Management
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Accountants in business, Overige financieel professionals, Controllers
Finance in business
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23 november 2021 - Amsterdam

In today's world, economies are not growing as envisaged in the past. For many organizations growth has become slower than expected, inputs costs are in the rise, profit pressure is mounting. In order to deliver shareholder value and remain profitable, most companies are now thus embarking in the path of transformation.

Transformations can be growth led or cost led. Or can be a combination of the two? That is for the organization to decide, based on their strategy & vision. Howeve, research shows that while 70% of the organizations are going into transformation, almost 65% of them fail. And these transformation do not fail due to lack of tool or technology, they often fail due lack of vision, lack of leadership, lack of planning and faulty execution.


There are plenty of academic theories on how to transform... they are useful but what they lack is inclusion of practical tips and tools that can help you start leading a transformation and achieve measurable results that will enable your organisation to deliver on its strategic goals.

This masterclass Finance Transformation will provide you a clear understanding of steps to be taken using the grand old 5W1H method (Who, What, Where, When, Why & Ho), and using learnings from use cases from various sectors to enhance your understanding and knowledge of how to lead a transformation program.

Transform your finance function step by step through careful planning & flawless execution.


Planning the program

  • Identifying the need for transformation
  • Defining what will success look like
  • Getting initial buy-in from stakeholders
  • Establishing Project Management Teams
  • Establishing Governance
Into the program
  • Stages of transformation
  • Target Operating Model
  • Service placement
  • RACI
  • KPIs
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management
Transformation leadership
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Leading through processes
  • Leading through technology
  • Leading from the heart

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Target audience
CFOs, Controllers, Finance Managers and others leaders interested or involved in leading a transformation

Partha Basu ICMA MBA DBF CPC Partha Basu

Partha has 30 years of experience across various 6 industries and a broad range of countries. He has worked across the globe, amongst others, for AkzoNobel, Coca-Cola,, Whirlpool, Bosch, SpiceJet, Tata Group in roles ranging from CFO, Joint CEO, Head of Transformation, Head of Finance Operations, Head of Supply Chain. He has led transformation & operations across 56 Countries an published 4 books on leadership & people management. Partha is a guest lecturer in several management institutes.

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