Operational Excellence with Lean Six Sigma for Financials


2 dagen
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27, 28 oktober 2022 - Utrecht
09:30 - 17:00, 09:30 - 17:00
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€ 1.350,00 (leden) / € 1.475,00 (niet-leden)
Performance Management
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Accountants in business, Controllers, Overige financieel professionals
Finance in business
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27, 28 oktober 2022 - Utrecht

Gesproken taal; Nederlands, cursusmateriaal: Engels.

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Managing and controlling a business involves identifying, analyzing and developing data-based improvement opportunities in processes and the organization. Controllers and other financials need professional skills in data-driven problem analysis, problem solving and decision taking. As a generic structure for the process of structured and data-based problem-analysis, we take Lean Six Sigma’s DMAIC (Define / Measure / Analyze / Improve / Control) model, which has become the world standard in business and industry for managing process improvement. The DMAIC approach helps in structuring messy problems and translates them into a quantitative decision problem. The course comprises:

  • Introduction to Operational Excellence for the financial professional
  • Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control cycle
  • Scientific data-driven methods to solve problems sustainably
  • Lean thinking
  • Examples in financial services
  • Introduction of the relation between Lean Six Sigma and adjacent fields (e.g. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Scrum, etc.)  


Upon completion of this course students have:

  • Knowledge of the principles of Operational Excellence following the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • The knowledge to manage business improvement in the form of a project structured according to the five phases prescribed as DMAIC (define-measure-analyze-improve-control).
  • Knowledge of frequently used rational problem solving and quantitative analysis techniques.

Intended audience

This course is intended for finance professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills for managing data-driven process improvement, based om the DMAIC approach.

Entry requirements:

  • Beginner level understanding of Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma
  • Intermediate level understanding of statistics (types of data, visualizing relations between data, sampling, probabilities, distributions)


  • Download Minitab 30-day trial version via Minitab.com (after 30-days before the training)
  • Prepare and practice with self-study materials on data analysis (introduction to Minitab and describing data and estimating probabilities; solutions are provided)
  • Read the case

Self-evaluation examination

Participants have the option to self-asses their developed insights and competencies after this two-day masterclass: participants should make a detailed project proposal for a process/problem of you choice. This proposal should fit into the assigned generic project definitions and must be submitted within two weeks (14 days) after the end of the masterclass. Detailed feedback will be provided.

Dr. Bart Lameijer

Bart Lameijer is Assistant Professor Business Analytics at the Department of Business Analytics of the University of Amsterdam Business School, the Netherlands. Furthermore he is co-director of the Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics at the University of Amsterdam Business School. His expertise lays in Lean management and Six Sigma implementation for Operational Excellence purposes, and his research interests centre around both organization-wide and project-level data-driven process improvement methodology implementation.

De cursus vindt plaats in Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht in Utrecht


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