Webinar Visual Analytics & Dashboards (Excel)

i2VSA: Creating actionable information and insights


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23, 25, 27, 30 november 2020 - Online
13:30 - 17:30, 13:30 - 17:30, 13:30 - 17:30, 13:30 - 17:30
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Performance Management, Finance Operations & Reporting, Online learning
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23, 25, 27, 30 november 2020 - Online

The course is in English, the Excel parts are based on the English version of Excel.

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Finance professionals are dealing with increasing amounts of data and a growing demand for analytics to provide fresh insights and greater clarity for decision making. This online course teaches participants how to create and use advanced visual techniques to generate new insights, support better analysis and enable clearer decision making with better reports and 'one page/ one screen' dashboards.

In addition to its role in improving 'traditional' descriptive analytics, this course will also introduce the use of data visualisation as part of more advanced data analytics/ data science.

Participants successfully completing the optional post course project in dashboard design will be awarded an internationally recognised Certificate of Competency issued by the Institute of Business Analytics.


Learning objectives
You will learn to:

  • Use a proven process to clearly identify the information users need to take action and make key decisions
  • Apply an understanding of key aspects of human memory and visual processing to evaluate good and bad visual design for reports and dashboards and how to produce effective visual information
  • Apply advanced visual techniques to; identify and focus on priorities, make choices, explore data, generate insights, rapidly assess performance, see changing patterns, risks and trends
  • Identify the potential for information rich dashboards, how to design them to provide actionable information, what data to include/ use as supporting analysis and how to structure them to tell stories with the data
  • Design and build data visualisations and dashboards in Excel using advanced visual techniques not included as standard Excel charts
  • Apply the ideas of effective visual design for actionable information and insights to support development with other visual tools/ languages and for more advanced analytics such as Exploratory Data Analysis and simple
         prediction /regression models
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    Course outline The course is conducted in a highly participative workshop style, with practical group discussion and online break-out sessions.

    The course is structured as follows:

    Pre-course learning: Understanding the challenges of current reporting and information and what needs to be improved

    Session 1: Actionable information and how to create it. How the mind and eye process information and how to be effective this should drive our choice of techniques, layout of charts, use of colour etc. Common techniques, problems and better alternatives. Data transformation and finding the right KPIs/ drivers. More advanced visual techniques for understanding, focus, insights, data exploration, and how to create them in Excel.

    Session 2: Revision and practice with the new techniques. Extending the idea of data visualisation to dashboards on a page/screen. Types of dashboards and why they are useful, how to structure and create them.

    Session 3: Dashboard design exercise in breakout groups Í to apply what has been learnt so far. Key Excel techniques to support dashboard design and visualisation.

    Session 4: Introducing and delivering successful visualisation and more advanced dashboards into your organization. How to complete the optional post course project. Introduction to more advanced use of visualisation, for data exploration and simple predictive models. Showcase of past participants projects solving real business problems and transforming decision making (shared with their permission). Final Q&A and wrap up.

    In between sessions: Participants will be given materials to practice building the new techniques. If participants require support/ demonstration this will be built in at the end of the online sessions. This enables participants to work on the Êhands onË at their own pace and get support if/ when they need it. Participants can also ask for help in between sessions or after the course.

    Optional post course project - to apply the ideas learnt to build a dashboard for the participantÉs organisation. Successful completion will earn a certificate of competency in Visual Analytics and Dashboard design from the Institute of Business Analytics.

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    This course is for accounting, finance and other business professionals who want to:

  • Prepare more effective, actionable information through better visual reports and dashboards
  • Identify fresh insights and patterns in data and understand the role of data visualisation in wider data analytics and data science
  • Understand what can/ should be done in terms of better information and analysis to adapt to the changing role of the finance function
  • Simon Lindley Simon Lindley, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Engineer (IT based) and MBA with a Masters level Diploma in board-level governance. Simon is an international speaker, trainer and consultant in business and visual analytics with a particular focus on helping finance teams and individuals prepare and adapt to the growing importance of business and data analytics.ics.

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