Webinar: Introduction to KPI Design


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12 november 2021 - Online
09:00 - 12:00
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€ 225,00 (leden) / € 300,00 (niet-leden)
Performance Management, Online learning
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Accountants in business, Overige financieel professionals, Controllers
Finance in business
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12 november 2021 - Online

KPIs are an essential ingredient for managing and improving business performance, and yet they are often chosen through brainstorming, internet search or just 'what we already have'. This workshop introduces a more effective approach.

We will be covering the KPI selection and definition steps of the 'Results-Orientated KPI System' (ROKS), a structured method for identifying, defining and deploying KPIs based on your business objectives. This session is an introductory overview. For those looking for an in-depth 'hands-on' session we suggest the Online KPI Design Masterclass


By the end of the session, you will be familiar with strategy-based KPI selection and definition steps and be aware of some of the major risks in KPI design.

Specific aspects of KPI design you will become familiar with include...

  • The common implicit strategic goals that exist in most organisations and mission-specific strategic goals
  • The three primary drivers of stakeholder engagement for KPI development
  • The principles used in building KPI Trees - a powerful visual KPI design approach - and how the read KPI Trees
  • A structured method for short-listing KPIs based on importance and ease-of-measurement
  • A structured approach to define the KPIs you wish to use.

The webinar involves real-life stories, practical examples and live exercises.

Questions are welcome at any point during the workshop. The instructor will remain online for up to 20 minutes after the end of the session for any further questions.


Session outline...

  • Getting your strategy into optimal form for KPI selection
  • Key principles for team engagement with KPI selection and design
  • Introduction to KPI Trees
  • A demonstration build of a KPI Tree (supporting examples also provided)
  • A KPI shortlisting demonstration (template provided)
  • KPI definition, why it is so important and how the ROKS KPI Canvas can help (template provided)
  • KPI Implementation - common issues and solutions

Bestemd voor

Accountants, business analysts, controllers, finance managers and anybody else interested or involved in developing key performance indicators for their organisations.

We will be using Zoom, provided with a password, encrypted connection. Whilst not essential, a webcam would be preferred to improve interaction.

Quote from the evaluation regarding the session of February 8, 2021:
Webinar was above expectations. KPI's are well known and often used, but quite often we take a quick approach. Bernie helps to define KPI's in a structered way and provides the tools to do so yourself. Choosing relevant KPI's is important for business and helps you focus on what is important for your strategy-implementation and results. I work for Novis Initiis and am a Management and Financial Consultant. I do a lot of interim management and financial modelling, so must define objectives and targets often. Knowing your KPI's is essential in my line of work and especially formulating action plans to achieve them. This course, although basic, helps to refocus on the importance of choices to be made conderning KPI's.

Novis Initiis BV
drs D.G. van der Veen RA CFE
Senior Consultant

Bernie Smith M.Eng.

Bernie Smith

Bernie is Founder of 'Made to Measure KPIs', creator of the Results-Orientated KPI System, speaker, trainer and author of nineteen books on KPIs. Bernie has a background of over 25 years delivering performance improvement consulting and training. He has worked with brands including Coca Cola, Airbus, HSBC, UBS and many others. Through his varied consulting career, Bernie saw that all organisations seemed to struggle with the same critical core issue - performance measurement. Convinced that accessible KPIs can be reliably created using a structured and repeatable approach, Bernie set up Made to Measures KPIs in 2009 to develop better ways of creating KPIs. BernieÉs approach is jargon-free and focuses on practical techniques that really work. Visit https://uk.linkedin.com/in/berniesmith for more background.

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